27 November 2014

The Christmas Song Book Tag

I saw this tag on 'round The Flames blog. You can check it out here. In this tag, titles of popular Christmas songs are taken and a question is made out of each one.

So, here goes!

1. "You're a Mean One Mr. Grinch" - Name a villainous character you couldn't help but love to hate.
President Snow from The Hunger Games Trilogy. An old guy who kills children to further his political agendas and seems to enjoy it? Hell Yeah! He's so methodical in what he does and he's extremely good at psychologically manipulating someone to get what he wants. Maybe it's because I really like the actor playing Snow in the movies. But, looking like Santa and Papa Smurf combined he is a hell lot evil and I find his character really interesting. 

2. "All I Want For Christmas Is You" - Which book do you most hope to see under your Christmas tree this year?
http://www.barnesandnoble.com/w/barnes-noble-leatherbound-classics-grimms-complete-fairy-tales-brothers-brothers-grimm/1106658811?ean=9781435114890 Oh Oh The Grimm's Complete Fairy Tales (Barnes & Noble Collectible Edition)!!!! Yeah...that beauty!! It's sad we don't celebrate Christmas in my house!!! But, what I wouldn't do for this baby!

3. "Rudolph The Red Nose Reindeer" - Name a character that overcomes major obstacles and learns to believe in themselves.
Tris from the Divergent series. I can't think of any character who is as strong, kind and inspirational as her. She went through so much and she's always ready to sacrifice for what she believes in. She developed so much through the length of the series, I genuinely feel proud of her. 

4. "Santa Clause is Coming to Town" - a) Which character do you think is at the top of the naughty list and b) which character do you think is at the top of the nice list?
           a) Cersei from the Game of Thrones series. She's so annoying and I just hate her to the core.
           b) Paige from Penryn and The End of Days series. If there was any kid who deserves to be at the top of the list, it's her. She's just suffered through so much, it breaks my heart.

5. "Frosty the Snowman" - Which book just melts your heart? 
PS, I Love You by Cecelia Ahern. I cry every single time I read it. I'm still not over Gerry's death. He leaves his wife letters to help her to deal with his death and enjoy life again! Tell me that doesn't melt you heart. 

6. "Feliz Navidad" - Pick a book that takes place in a country other than your own.
 99% of the books I read are not set in my country. But, I'm gonna go with Cinder by Marissa Meyer which is set in futuristic New Beijing.

7. "It's the Most Wonderful Time of the Year" - Which Christmas book do you use to spread the Christmas joy.
I've never read any Christmas themed books. But, I think I would say A Christmas Carol by Charles Dickens. I've seen that movie.

8. "Sleigh Ride" - Which character would you choose to spend the holidays with?
Celaena Sardothien from the Throne of Glass Series. She's such a fun and awesome character. We could have some girl time and  I could maybe learn some badass fighting skills from her. That would be so awesome!!!

9. "Baby It's Cold Outside" - which book, that you didn't like, would you sacrifice to a fire to warm yourself up in the cold?
The Maze Runner by James Dashner. I would gladly feed it to the fire. It is one of the most stupidest over hyped books I have ever read. It had so much build up and in the end it was like... meh.. The whole book did not make sense and I hate Thomas!

10. "Do You Hear What I Hear?" - Which book do you think everyone should read?
The Fault in Our Stars by John Green. It's one of the best YA books I've read, not just because of the love story. It gives you a the reality of how much life is fragile....That you have to appreciate what you have more and make each day count. My attitude towards life changed after reading this book.

I thank anyone who has done this tag!
 Brittany @ Space Between The Spines (click here)

I hope you enjoyed this tag, because I had a lot of fun doing it! Comment and Let me Know! Please share your thoughts! Thank you for reading :)



  1. Ooh! I might just have to do this tag! Imma steal it. ;)

    Lovely blog! I followed via Bloglovin. :)

    Brittany @ http://www.spacebetweenthespines.com/

    1. Yeah, it's a really cool tag! Thank you for following me! :)
      Feel free to steal it, but do give me the link after you do so I can check it out :D

    2. Thanks for the kind comment you left on my blog! It made my day. =)

      I just finished the tag post and here it is! I copied you with Feliz Navidad. XD


  2. Excellent post! President Snow is a good choice for #1, I should have thought of him! Same with Tris for 3. For the naughty list, I'd say Joffrey could be added right alongside his mother! I've seen the PS I Love You movie. If it's anything like the book, I'll have to read it!

    1. Oh Yeah! Joffrey! But, The show Joffrey got on my nerves more than the book one! But, yeah he deserves that spot with his mom! That little twerp! I can't believe I'm saying this.. Lena Headey portrayed a MUCH more likeable Cersei....In the books I was shocked...she is so dumb!
      It's good. The book fleshes out on the other problems she faces after Gerry's death. They have changed a lot in the movie..some I loved and a few I didn't like. But, it's definitely worth the read!
      Thanks for stopping by Lauren :)

  3. I hope you like doing Christmas tags, because I just tagged you to do The Christmas Gift Guide Tag! I started it on my blog and would be happy if you would help us spread the holiday spirit!

    1. I love them!! Thanks!! I'd be delighted to do the tag!!! :D

  4. Great blog♥

    How about follow each other?
    I follow your blog. Waiting for you♥
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    1. Hello Julie! It's really wonderful to meet new people through Blogging! Thank you :)


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