11 November 2014

Book Discussions : Wicked Lovely by Melissa Marr


My Synopsis :

The faeries are dark and cruel, wicked yet lovely. Aislinn knows that. She has the ability to see them, which she has always tried to keep a secret for the fear that she may attract their attention and put her life in danger. But, her life turns upside down as she fails when she becomes the target of attention of Keenan, the Summer King, who is on a quest to save his kingdom and Aislinn may be the answer. But, can she ignore the rules that had kept her safe all these years when her life could turn upside down and she may loose everything that she values in this world?

Theme Song : Midnight City by M83

Things I Liked
  • It's more than just a handsome, mysterious stranger who obviously has a secret meets a girl story. 
  • The characters are fun and likeable (I loved Seth! He gave life to the story and he's very sweet).
  • Evil faeries and they're awesome (Now that's something anyone would like).
  • Aislinn is strong and fights rather than accepting the situation. She is a connectable character.
  • The writing is really good. Melissa Marr is talented!
  • Unpredictable stuff happens and they are great.
  • Seriously built, good love triangle.

  Things I didn't Like :
  • Too slow paced especially the second half (It wasted too much time on the romance).
  • The strong antagonist build-up didn't kinda show, especially towards the end.
  • Abrupt ending. Things just seemed so quick and easy!
  • I hated Keenan. He got on my nerves all the time. I couldn't understand him (It's much more subjective, but I felt the need to say it. God! He annoyed me like hell!!!).

Side Note
             It's a bit of a dark read. The snippet quotes that fill you in on the faerie lore instead of a really long back story was icing on the cake and I loved it! It helped avoiding clunky exposition. That deserves an applause.

If you could be a magical creature, which one would you be? I would be a Griffin. I've always liked them since watching Spiderwick Chronicles :D
Comment and Let me know! Thank you for reading. Please share your thoughts :)        

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