24 November 2014

An Attractive Abusive Supernatural Guy and A Girl Who's Supposed To Be Intelligent Fall in "Love"

(WARNING : Spoilers, rants and cursing ahead. Please read on if you even consider reading this book, Who knows? I maybe able to convince you to stay away or do read if you wanna know about the signs of an abusive relationship)

My Synopsis :
Isis gets these dreams, feels a monster stalking her in them and  due to fear she kinda becomes an insomniac is what it sounds like. She meets the monster, confronts it, yay! and he turns out to be a very attractive dude. He challenges her he's real and she doesn't believe him. Voila! the next day she sees the same guy in her school. David, the attractive dream monster guy, tells her he is a Deity and the place she visited in her dreams is actually his realm or country or something. The Gods have been living undercover with the humans and such for many years.

My Thoughts :
I stumbled upon this book when I was searching for good books to read. It had 3.96 stars on Goodreads. Many people gave it 5 star ratings. It was translated into multiple languages. So basically my expectations were pretty high. The concept is great and it also had an original feel to it. From the first page it pulled me in but, as the story progressed I was getting annoyed, frustrated and extremely nauseous. Now, I don't hate love stories. In fact I enjoy them, even insta love if done right. Saying this book disappointed me a LOT is an understatement.

http://replygif.net/615WHAT THE HELL IS THIS!!! This was total crap!! They just wasted a good concept!! It's mainly because of the weak plot and the characters. There wasn't enough action to make you give your attention and that's because they focused extremely too freaking much on the love story. I get it, its a first book, they want us to get acquainted with the characters and their relationships. But, I think if David and Isis weren't there in this book, I would have tolerated or even liked it. I couldn't relate to any of the characters. The dialogues are really bad. Poems, yeah  they're there, are gag worthy. I just cringed every time I had to read David's poems and seriously I started skipping them to keep my breakfast intact. Here's a sample,

My Lovely,

Your guise is unparalleled, 
Your touch entices my thirst,
Your presence thaws my soul, 
My torso threatens to burst. 
Awaiting your requited love, 
Forevermore I shall remain. 
Never exhausting of time,
 But enduring its tribunal pain.

Ceaselessly Yours,
David Chios

SERIOUSLY???!!!! THIS IS CALLED A POEM?????!!!!!! I'D CALL IT WORD VOMIT!!! IF THIS CRAP IS CALLED A POEM, THEN I DON'T KNOW ABOUT THE REAL GOOD ONES. How can Isis like this!!! She's supposed to be extremely smart in the book with AP classes and such, but I never see any proof of that...AT ALL. I do wish his torso had just burst, so I could've been relieved of this annoying presence. NO SUCH LUCK.
David is stupid, possessive and think any negative adjective you want. The worst part is that the book tries to make him look perfect and swoon worthy.
Isis and David's relationship kills the concept of feminism, equality of genders and mainly love. She listens to everything he says. He is so possessive, jealous and he acts like he has borderline personality disorder, here's a snippet,

"Hey, Isis!" Simon, one of the football players greeted me as we passed each other in the hall.
"Hi Simon. See ya later." I waved.
David grasped my hand and stopped walking. I tried to let myself loose, but his grip was far too tight.
"David, you're hurting me," I pleaded. He loosened his grip but did not release his hold.
"Who...was...that?" His jaw was tight and his eyes were infuriated.
"He's a guy in my class. Let me go." I was partially whining.
"Do you fancy him?" His mouth was a flat line.
"That's none of your business," I said, trying to pry his fingers from my hand. He took hold of that hand too. Giving up on the custody battle for my limbs, I looked up at him questionably. Why was he acting this way?
"Isis, I am envious of every male that sets his sights on you, and if I could, I would tear out their eyes."

http://replygif.net/1392This literally happens before one third of the book when he JUST meets her. I don't know if this is supposed to be romantic, on the contrary I was really concerned for Isis's safety (that's when I still cared). He is so off and abusive, he might've just been holding a huge machete that's dripping blood and T-shirt that read 'I'm a psychopath'. Stalking and being over possessive is not love. Who got that idea anyway?!! If Isis is as smart as everyone thinks she is, her warning bells would've rang by now.
So, cause of the Creatura, humans and deities are not supposed to have any sort of relationship. David's mother advises against him and Isis in any sort of romantic way cause its punishable and guess what! five sentences later he makes moves on Isis. It was the most irrational thing and it didn't happen slowly, I wouldn't have been bothered if it did, but he spins around so quickly. 

Isis refuses him and I started to change my views on her but, two pages later she accepts him after he gives her his star (something like a deity heart which connects to his life) WTF!!! You just met her David!! Their intense romance feels so cheesy, overly dramatic and forced. Then he goes to some cupid guy right after that to give him some love potion to make her love him, but comes back realizing its not how he wants her love . WHAT WAS THE POINT OF THAT WHOLE SCENE?!!! HOW COULD HE BE SO STUPID TO TELL ANYONE ABOUT THEIR RELATIONSHIP WHEN HE COULD BE PUNISHED?!!

Plot twists came after all these in the end. By then I was soo frustrated and cringing I seriously didn't give a shit. I had no reaction at all even though I did not see them coming. Isis's dad is a deity and she is a Creatura. Oh! did I mention she calls her mom by her name (Cough..Twilight). Her ex boyfriend, his name is Gabriel I guess stalks her and she feels responsible. DUDE!! SERIOUSLY!! Okay moving on, he threatens her and her friends with a gun and even after that when he asks for her "help" she goes to him (Such an intelligent girl..How can I not see the signs...!). Fast forward, he tries to rape her I guess and we find out that he has been possessed, from what it sounds like by a demon or something. I was like whatever just end already at this point.

That felt good! Had to get the anger outta my system!
Please Share your thoughts. Comment and Let me know! Thank You for Reading :)


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