16 April 2015

Sisterhood of the World Bloggers Award- The Sequel!

As you can see from the title, this is a sequel to the Sisterhood of the World Bloggers Award I did a few months back!

I've been nominated again and really, How can I refuse?!

A humongous Thank You to Lauren for nominating me and giving me thought provoking questions! Thanks Lauren and I'm sorry I'm very late by the way! You can check out her post here! She has a great blog with awesome content!

I've eliminated a question as I've already it answered in Part 1.
Okay! Here goes nothing! 

2. What book would you like to become a movie/TV show?
 I wanna say Mortal Instruments by Cassandra Clare, but as it is already being made into a TV show, which, THANK GOD! I'm so excited!!! 
Other than that, I think the Throne of Glass series by Sarah J. Maas would make an excellent TV show! It has magic, action, great characters, a kickass plotline, A lead heroine who's like the Male version of Dean Winchester! and a story that's long & complicated! 
WOAH! CALL SOMEONE RIGHT NOW! Why hasn't this series already been Televised???????!!!!!!!!!

3. What famous person would send you into total fangirl/boy mode?

He would probably make me squeal like a little girl, which probably wouldn't go with me wanting to maintain an image of sophisticated scientist in front of him...
Ah! Screw It! I'm definitely gonna be jumping up and down, squealing and probably faint if I get to meet him (which I hope I will!!!!!!!)! :D

4. Favorite Harry Potter book (not having read all of them is not an option!)?

11 April 2015

Glad to be Back!


I really am sorry for not being able to post for a whopping two months!

My father was seriously ill and everything was so hectic, I couldn't even get near my laptop or concentrate on reading. He's healthy and better now (I know it's a miracle that made it possible. There came a point when we were all afraid that our time with him was over) and things are slowly getting back to normal.

If you missed me, then I know I'm providing some quality content. 
Well, if you didn't then I hope there will come a point in the near future where it'll happen. 

Also, I have some books I agreed to review and I apologize for putting them off. I hope you'll understand. I will get to them as soon as I can and from now on my posting will be back in schedule.
I'm so glad to be back and that things worked out fine!

10 February 2015

My Top 8 Recommendations for The Reader's Block

A Reader's Block... I'm talking about the time you don't find any books to hook you into completing them or you just keep thinking about that "other" book series which is over or at a major cliffhanger that you can't take your mind out of or maybe just a newly budding reader trying to find your niche, genre to read..
A Reader's Block is very common....Every reader would've traveled  or is traveling down that demon road..Felt or is feeling that Frustration 
tribulations of a Reader's Block
If you're have one of those times and reading this hoping to get out of the reading rut, You've come to the right post.

These are a few books that I found most enjoyable during "that" time. This is my Top 8 Recommendations for The Reader's Block.

( Note : Click the book cover for the Goodreads synopsis )

1.  Cinder (The Lunar Chronicles #1) by           
This series is a new take on fairytale stories and this first book is a parallel to Cinderella's story. Extremely funny, interesting storyline and the little predictability is what makes this book so much entertaining and engaging to read. It is a light read with some great theme and gives you a sense of nostalgia. I swear to God! I've never had so much fun reading a book in a long time as much as this one.

2. The Fault in Our Stars by John Green
           You probably would've heard about this book a lot on the media. The movie released last February. This book is a beautiful story about a teen struggling with cancer. It is thought provoking, makes you value life more, entertaining to read and funny as well with Awesome characters. Humorous, emotional, intellectual, romantic..it's the full package! (Warning : Get some tissues ready though)

3.  The 5th Wave (The Fifth Wave, #1) by Rick Yancey 
https://www.goodreads.com/book/show/16101128-the-5th-wave           A book about alien invasion that is cool, with survival and humanity at it's brink. A grim concept, but the humor and fantastic characters make up for it. But, what really drives this book is the writing style. It is so Beautiful. I highlighted so much when I read this book. It's a book that appeals to a variety of genre lovers.

8 February 2015

Book Discussion of Organ Reapers by Shay West


Goodreads Synopsis:

Detective Elliott “Eli” Robinson and his new partner, Ava Aguilar, are baffled by a series of brutal murders happening in their fair city. No evidence, no eyewitnesses...only mutilated corpses with missing internal organs.When Eli and Ava stumble upon evidence of similar gruesome crimes around the globe, they realize there is more to the murders, but the answers continue to elude them. In a race against time, Eli and Ava must figure out who is behind the killings and stop them before more people die. But the answers will take them out of their comfort zone and into the realm of the fantastic: another world with a different set of rules, and a leader who has no qualms about killing.

Theme Song: How Far We've Come by Matchbox Twenty

Things I Liked:


  • The first thing I really liked about this book is the premise! The lines of good and evil in reality is not as black and white as in theory, but it's like precariously balancing on a very thin rope dangling in an abyss. The story explores that concept in a subtly dark way, so props for that!
  •  The characters! I really, really liked the characters, they were realistic and I cared & connected with them. Tani and Keena were really sweet! But, two in particular, Eli and Ava, I just LOVED them. They were an effective pair! Especially Eli, who is really a badass, he reminded me of Samuel L. Jackson in Snakes on a Plane (Yes, I love that movie!)
    Who can argue the epicness of that line?! JUST BADASS AS HELL...Just replace snakes and plane with Murders and City! I

28 January 2015

What is happening to the Young Adult Genre?

I noticed something when I made my Series I Will NOT FINISH post and I've been meaning to write about it, now, here it is!

So, as you already know, I'm an avid YA reader. I LOVE Young Adult books. If you think children's books are too childish and adult books are too adult-y for you, then YA is the middle line. It's the perfect balance (For, the record, I love both children's and adult books, still, I'm just pointing out a fact :D)

Twilight ex Machina! 

Day by day, I see increase in the people who've read Twilight or a book similar to it and loved it, so they are pick up their laptop to write a YA "book". Of course, I'm not saying all YA authors do it, but those who do outweigh those who don't.
It makes me so mad cause many YA books that are actually better in so many ways get pushed to the back because of ones like these.

I don't think Twilight is a great piece of literature. I would compare Twilight to  M. Night Shyamalan's The Happening. You see that movie and you immediately know even the actors who worked in it knew it wasn't making sense, but they just rolled with it and were like "Let's just get this over with *sigh*"..At a point in the movie I laughed when people were dying left and right (a few by a lawnmower...um..yeah..) The  movie is so horrible that it's epically Hilarious (It's still better than Twilight though..By a Lot).
Twilight is a guilty pleasure series. Period. I love the movie Supernova, it's one of my guilty pleasures, but if anyone said that movie sucked I would probably agree..because it does suck on a cinematic scale..