11 November 2014

Book Discussions : The Circle by Sara B. Elfgren and Mats Strandberg

( Please Note
This book contains some elements like Sex, Drugs etc.. )

My Synopsis
On the night of the blood red moon, six girls Minoo,Vanessa, Linnea, Anna-Karin, Rebecka and Ida are pulled out of their beds by an unseen force and find themselves in an abandoned theme park. They find out that the death of their classmate Elias is not a coincidence and they will be also be preys unless they harness their abilities, the power of the Circle. As the days pass they all explore their unique magical abilities and try to evade the evil that is gaining on them, but in vain. Tragedy strikes them and hell breaks loose as their weaknesses are used against them. Can they work together overcoming their extreme differences? Ancient magic, faith, love, friendship, dreams and revenge, all collide in this interesting tale that explores all norms of teenage life with sorcery dabbled in. 
Theme Song : Bad Moon Rising by Creedence Clearwater Revival

 Things I Liked :
  • Realistic depiction of teenage life. No sugar coating!
  • Multiple POVs that flow together perfectly. It's a beautiful rarity to find a book that pulls this off so smoothly and makes even a reader like me who doesn't enjoy multiple POVs to like it so much . Makes me want to cry happy tears.happy tears gif photo: happy tears happytears.gif
  • Complex, likeable characters who could be related to (All the characters have flaws and inner demons. They make you care about them and makes them more human).
  • Intense and tension filled storyline from the start.
  • Excellent writing!! I loved it!  Props to  Mats Strandberg and Sara Bergmark  Elfgren!
  • Pretty strong Antagonist.
  • Unpredictable ending.
  • Witchcraft (And it's not pretty magic!).
  • Perfect mix of horror and supernatural.

  Things I didn't Like: I don't have any negatives to say about this book. It was next to perfect for me.

Side Note : 
             Read it! (Wow! I've never directly said this, but this book deserves it!) It is really good and I'm not saying this because I liked it. With tons of YA books out there, this really does the name Young-Adult justice! It is everything it needs to be and much more!  Just give it a few pages to get used to the world and you'll enjoy it!

I think this book is one of the best YA series out there. My high expectations were met!!!

If you could have a superpower, which one would you want to have and why? Fire! I've always to control fire!
Comment and Let me know! Thank you for reading. Please share your thoughts :)

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