18 November 2014

Book Discussions : Karma, Cupid and I by Nethra Ram


My Synopsis :
Twenty five year old Madhumitha has convinced herself to accept her unexciting life whilst trying to forget her troubled past. But, Karma (fate) has other plans for her. She doesn't know her life is about to turn upside down when she accepts an invitation to meet a stranger. It is a story about choosing whether to stand your ground and take a leap of faith or to stay in your cocoon to avoid heartbreak. Can Madhumitha let go of the past and learn to be passionate in life again?

            Theme Song : Hands of Time by Rachel Diggs

Things I Liked :
  • The premise is relatable (Everyone comes across a run or stay situation in life)
  • It is the author's debut novel (I think you need to give any author props for that if they can pull it off well)
  • The writing is pretty good. Props to Nethra Ram.
  •  The characters are relatable and fun to read (Especially the Protagonists. I loved Madhumitha and Ananth!!)
  •  It is humorous and that gave life to the story.
  • The ending was so good! (I guess it was my favorite part of the whole novel).

Things I didn't Like
  • A few clichés were there. (I guess that was the main thing which if avoided would have made the story more interesting).
  •  The plot need more conflict.

Side Note :
           It's a feel good read with a nice theme and I had a big smile on my face after I finished it. I like Romance novels if it has fun characters and not over the top. This book was exactly what I looking for. It's a book you can pair up with your favorite snack and a cup of tea.

Which is your favorite book written by a foreign author?
Comment and Let me know! Thank You for reading. Please share you thoughts :) 


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