11 November 2014

Book Discussions : After The End by Amy Plum

My Synopsis :
Juneau has been living her whole life in the wilderness of Alaska with her clan who are the survivors of World War III that has left the world to be enveloped in nuclear radiation thirty years ago. They live a peaceful life, in tune with the nature while also hiding from brigands who pose a threat to their safety. While returning from a hunting trip, Juneau finds her clan members have disappeared with evidence of struggle. She ventures out of her living boundaries for the first time only to discover her entire life has been built on lies. The war never happened. She journeys through the real world to find her clan members only to discover she is also a prey. Her pursuers seem to think she has secrets that they need. Can Juneau learn the truth about her past and save her friends and family in time?

Theme Song : One fine wire by Colbie Caillat

 Things I Liked
  • Beautiful Setting (Especially the clan life).
  • Protagonist (Juneau is kickass and smart).
  • Amy Plum's Writing is good.
  • There is magic! The explanation for it is original and believable (I loved how Yara is so realistic!) My rating is mainly for this.
  • Funny (Most of the character interactions are humorous).
  • Intriguing Premise.

Things I didn't Like :
  • Lacked tension to drive the story, mostly after halfway through the book.
  • No Strong Antagonist.
  • Unconvincing explanation for Miles character and his connection to the plot. Both him and Juneau started irritating the shit outta me half way through. 
  • Pretty convenient occurrences which is explained by magic and I didn't buy it. Sometimes throwing in destiny is alright with me, but all the time?!
  • Sometimes lack of connection to the main character.

Side note
        It's a short, relaxing read. If you're looking for something to fill your time, but is also interesting, so I would recommend it.

Which book's dystopian setting did you find believable and likely could happen in the future? I would say Hunger Games.. For some insane reason I always could see something like that happening!
Comment and Let me know! Thank you for reading. Please share what you thoughts :)

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