15 November 2014

Nowhere Else

November 14th was Children's Day, the day specially dedicated to kids in India in the honor of Dr. Jawaharlal Nehru's birthday and with that day brought a long line of memories starting from Kindergarten.It was fun and enjoyable to watch all the teachers trying to entertain us with whatever talent they had and sometimes they were bad at it, but remembering the effort they took to make us happy filled my heart with pride and immense happiness but, with it also bought the realization that I would never experience it again. I wasn't a school student and definitely not a kid anymore

Oh! what I would give to experience that time again, to be a kid! All those cartoons, masterpiece stick figures on a drawing paper, pretending sick to avoid tests and school, carnival fares and the fancy dress competitions, where I would run off the stage frightened into my mother's arms!

www.somegif.comTime feels like the cruelest thing sometime. To take so much away from us. I keep wishing each day to become that kid again, to relive those wonderful moments, go back to a time when I didn't have to worry about what other people thought about me, to just be happy and live without a particular reason to do so, to sleep like I didn't have to plan life for tomorrow that will regardless be uncertain, to not face endless obligations and deceit cloaked as trust.

Yet, the more I thought, I came to the conclusion that...

http://brandyzzyzx.tumblr.com/post/36359989094/oh-dear-i-do-wish-i-hadnt-cried-so-much#.VGhMNMndOmcThe part of my childhood was over and was never coming back, but on focusing on the past I was disregarding the present. I was forgetting to enjoy it. I'm not appreciating the moment I hold with me now. This second, this minute...I was discarding it because I didn't want to be in it but, no amount of wishful thinking was gonna transport to another time or place.  One day I would be regretting that I hadn't spent my time wallowing in self pity and lost what I had at that moment. 

Time isn't my enemy. It is what it is. If moments weren't so precious we would never appreciate them. It is the fragility of things that makes them so precious, because we cannot afford to loose them while we possess them.

I understood that I had to appreciate my past, my memories whatever they may be. However, I could not live in the past and that my living should only be done here and now. Nowhere else. 


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