11 November 2014

Book Discussions : Pretty Little Liars by Sara Shepard

My Synopsis :
The girls have always been best of friends. Spencer, the hardworking perfectionist, Hana, the transformed dork to beauty, Aria, the eccentric artist, Emily, the shy and demure athletic girl and Alison, the Popular Queen bee. Their lives change and the girls grow apart after the sudden disappearance of Alison. But, little do they know, horrible secrets from the past have come to haunt them as they start getting messages from a person called 'A' three years later. Can they stop 'A' is before their lives are ruined by their past mistakes or worse cost their lives? It's a story about love, friendship and trust.

Theme Song : Trouble is a Friend by Lenka

Things I Liked
  •  Plot is intriguing, complex, confusing (in a good way) and intense (These girls have a Hell lotta skeletons in their closets!!!).
  • Awesome characters who all have faults!!! (Literally, I liked most of the characters and liked hating some :D).
  • Sara Shepard's writing is really good!
  •  Really strong antagonist ( I liked the whole figuring out who is the bad guy stuff!!!).
  • It reminded me a lot of Mean Girls (If you're a Mean Girls fan, like me, then, it's worth putting in the pros section!! Plastics!!!).
  • The ending was awesome!!

Things I didn't Like
  • I felt detached from the book and I guess that was the main problem I had with this book. Yeah, very interesting plot, but I just felt like I wasn't emotionally invested as much as I should've been because I couldn't take this whole premise seriously at all! It felt comical to think something like this could happen in real life.

Side Note :
If I had not seen the show, I would've enjoyed the twists and turns even more. But, it's still a very enjoyable read and yeah, don't let the doll cover fool you (that's why I used a different one here) :D

                              This is a Very long series..

If you have watched the show or read the books, Who is your favorite character? It can anyone, doesn't have to be the main characters or which is the longest series you've EVER read? Comment and Let me know!
For me, Spencer from the show cause I'm still skeptical about the book.
Thank You for reading. Please share you thoughts :)

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