28 January 2015

What is happening to the Young Adult Genre?

I noticed something when I made my Series I Will NOT FINISH post and I've been meaning to write about it, now, here it is!

So, as you already know, I'm an avid YA reader. I LOVE Young Adult books. If you think children's books are too childish and adult books are too adult-y for you, then YA is the middle line. It's the perfect balance (For, the record, I love both children's and adult books, still, I'm just pointing out a fact :D)

Twilight ex Machina! 

Day by day, I see increase in the people who've read Twilight or a book similar to it and loved it, so they are pick up their laptop to write a YA "book". Of course, I'm not saying all YA authors do it, but those who do outweigh those who don't.
It makes me so mad cause many YA books that are actually better in so many ways get pushed to the back because of ones like these.

I don't think Twilight is a great piece of literature. I would compare Twilight to  M. Night Shyamalan's The Happening. You see that movie and you immediately know even the actors who worked in it knew it wasn't making sense, but they just rolled with it and were like "Let's just get this over with *sigh*"..At a point in the movie I laughed when people were dying left and right (a few by a lawnmower...um..yeah..) The  movie is so horrible that it's epically Hilarious (It's still better than Twilight though..By a Lot).
Twilight is a guilty pleasure series. Period. I love the movie Supernova, it's one of my guilty pleasures, but if anyone said that movie sucked I would probably agree..because it does suck on a cinematic scale.. 

I don't hate Stephanie Meyer..In fact I did really like the Host (It was decent book, you gotta admit). That book had a more deep and profound message than I expected..It was a pleasant surprise.  I have actually written a post on this. You can read it by clicking here.

Most of every single book that I've read recently and come to hate is because the story progressed into the Twilight love triangle fest or as I like to call it Twilight ex Machina! And worse, some of the books felt like they were written by a eight year old...UGH!

Damn right, Mr. Smith!
Some authors just use a filler plot that is so  shitty and inconsistent because the author didn't wanna spend time working those out as they were too busy with the romance aspect of the novel... If you wanna write a romantic novel..go write a freaking romance novel!!!!!!!! 


With the way some of these books are written you would think Teenagers are just an embodiment of raging hormone who's only goal in life is having a boyfriend/girlfriend.

The Formula:

1. Just Shoehorn some supernatural abstinent guy in it.. doesn't matter why he is  a vampire or alien or whatever as long as he's not human, because who would date a human...*cough cough*
http://www.quickmeme.com/meme/3pu86p2. Make him fall in love with the totally plain girl who he will continuously on many ocassions say she is special...
3. Make them not be a couple for some stupid reason (which usually includes the guy saying he's dangerous or doesn't deserve the girl)
4. Create a clumsy love triangle (I'm just curious, aren't there eligible girls, why do these guys have to fight like two dogs do over a of slice bread? Resources are dwindling by Overpopulation and you can't find the poor guy a girl? Geez)
5. Throw a conflict, doesn't matter it maybe stupid or doesn't make sense, as long as it will hinder the couple's happily ever after just after they've decided that they're made for each other..and Voila! your very own book...

I have seen shitty book get 4+ ratings on Goodreads JUST because the book has a swoon worthy guy (according to them abusive, stalking, borderline personality disorder guys =attractive... um.. okay?)...
Gretel It's actually frustrating, cause they make the synopsis sound like this Epic Adventure and lure you into reading it..but after you've read it you feel like a complete idiot who went into the Ginger bread house for the sake of candy..*ahem* we all know how that plays out..

I regret to have experienced this incident, but as you all know I love the Vampire Academy series by Richelle Mead, so you might understand that I was fuming when I found out there was a similar series which copied it and the only difference this author had made that she changed the vampires to fairies..Everything else, Teacher-student romance, guardian, even the bond and it had above 4 star aggregate rating!
http://giphy.com/gifs/angry-arrested-development-jeffrey-tambor-Tri1crHjdkEGAIf I feel like reading Vampire Academy, I'll just read it..I don't want to read your second-grade Xerox copy! I wanna beat the crap outta the people who give green signals to books like these..
If you can't even write a story and have to borrow 90% from other talented authors, then you're not fit to be called an author..I;m sorry..it's harsh, but it is the plain and simple truth.

A note to YA authors

I'm not against relationships and love in a book, in fact I like romance and love triangles, some of my favorites books have that, but add some other elements too!

YA is a wonderful genre. It shows what we teens struggle in everyday life and how hard it is to be an adolescent. After all, teenage years are the molding stages of life.  

So, try to understand your target audience, please, for the sake of all that is holy.

I know I'm gonna get a lot of hate for this. The Truth is Bitter, but it is the truth. 

On a positive note, Dracula sings how he can never be an Emo Vampire. Enjoy :D

 Do you agree with my post? Comment and Let me Know! Please share your thoughts! 
Thank You For Reading :)
Until next post, 



  1. I don't read a lot of YA :P
    and twilight is absolutely rubbish..it ruined Vampires and Werewolves for me..the Vamp. sparkles and even though he's dead he can still reproduce?seriously!?HOW!?
    Harry Potter and Hunger Games are the only series I've actually read in YA and I love them (You've read my rants on HP here :P) Harry Potter all the way dude!

    1. That is actually a question I have as well..Didn't they say ALL the bodily fluids stop when you become a vampire..it doesn't make sense that he can transfer um...sperms to Bella...And Why the hell do they sparkle anyway? Dracula is affected by sunlight because he has no soul and is evil, so it's like a punishment with the sun...but in Twilight? They can double as disco balls! Not so much a punishment if you ask me...
      They're both really good series, but there are a few others too, that are awesome..like The Throne of Glass series by Sarah J. Maas, World After by Susan Ee (The first book is good, the second is awesome! It's so dark and interesting! I would recommend it to anyone in a heartbeat!), Cinder by Marissa Meyer (Retelling of Cinderella with robots! Awesome!) etc.,
      It's just that the good series are thrown to back by the rubbish ones :/

    2. Have you Vampire suck?that is really awesome :P
      I love how they shit on twilight XD

    3. Vampires suck!! I LOVE THAT MOVIE!! IT'S HILARIOUS!! When Jacob transforms, she's like "A chihuahua?", then when Edward asks who he is..she's says "Jonas Brother!" OMG...then Jacob "My contract says I have to take off my shirt every 5 minutes of screen time" ..Hahaha XD
      I've watched it countless times! I know all the lines!
      The girl who acted as Bella was a really good actress, she was spot on! She should get more contract than Kristen Stewart!
      I love spoof movies! :D

    4. Pfft..lol I don't remember the lines but that movie is really funny..that scene when Edwards comes out in light and he has a disco ball on his body hahaha XD XD

    5. That scene..There's this other scene where he shoots Alice..Hahaha XD
      The guy who plays Edward also acts in the Disaster Movie? Seen that one? It's another spoof movie.

    6. My fav spoof movie is Scary movie that one is classic XD :P
      I have seen him in tv series Star crossed and that tv series isn't very good
      I remember one scene where they show Edwards is carrying Bella very fast on his back and then they get out of bushes and they're on a scooter XD

    7. Scary movie was my first spoof movie!
      Yeah, that scooter scene LOL..The whole movie was so funny!
      You've seen how it should have ended..This is the Breaking Dawn video
      ( https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=21Pjiaxz914 ) :D

    8. I've seen this XD
      I wish it did end like that :P

    9. How it should have ended videos are awesome!

  2. YA is definitely my all-time favorite thing to read. Sometimes I do feel this way. Also I really didn't like Twilight, but I still believe that I will really enjoy the Host. I've heard such great things about the book and the movie was actually a really good adaptation. I want to read the book so badly though because it's also a really big and chunky book. I don't know about you, but I love really big and chunky books.

    Alex @ The Book's Buzz

    1. You should read it, Alex! I enjoyed The Host! It was a pleasant surprise! I thought it was pretty different and not at all Twilight-ish!

    2. As Jennifer said, Host is a really good book! I was really surprised that I actually enjoyed reading it! It is a little too slow and the writing is okay-ish, but it's an improvement from Twilight. I really liked the movie too!The book focuses a little less on the romance and more on what it means to be human. I actually have a post on Reasons for why you should read the Host. If you want, you can check it out 7 Reasons why you should read the Host by Stephenie Meyer :)

  3. YA is the best!-- but as Alex said, there are times I definitely agree with you! I do see a lot of other YA authors trying to imitate the Twilight format. I do have to admit... I loved Twilight and I have no idea why. It wasn't that good. I know that. Still, I love it. Haha!

    1. I have my share of guilty pleasure books too..Twilight is enjoyable if you're into it I guess :D
      Imitating some other series for money is just morally wrong.. :/
      I sort of enjoyed the Breaking Dawn Part 2, surprisingly it was way better than all the other movies..but the Jacob-baby thing was awkward..I hate Pedophile stuff with a very strong vengeance so it was hard for me to swallow when I saw that in the movie..Creepy.. *shuddering*
      But, I do have a question, Does Stephenie explain why the vampires sparkles and how Bella gets pregnant? I mean, doesn't it say that ALL the bodily fluids stop when one becomes a vampire..So, how is that possible? It's not explained in the movies, but do they give reasons in the books?

  4. I couldn't agree with you more. This is exactly the reason why I didn't like The Fault in Our Stares and stay away from most vampire books. For me, The Fault in Our Stars was a book about giving a sick cancer kid a cute boyfriend. I really did not approve. Hazel was a strong enough character on her own, and did *not* need this seemingly perfect boyfriend to make it an awesome book.

    Also, I agree that YA books tend to be stupid in this matter, and that the love interest is the only important part. As well as the love interest being incredibly, unrealisticly cute. For this reason I try to stay away from many supernatural books, especially vampire books. Solely because I expect them to be another Twilight book.

    Twilight is the worst of them all. What the author did was to create an "empty" protagonist without many characteristic, so that just about any girl could feel like this person was her, and then give her two hot men who was into her.

    I'm starting to get angry now, so I will stop...
    You have a great blog though, and this post alone earned you a new follower in me :) I'm excited to see what other things you come up with!

    Cucie @ Cucie reads

    1. If they were cute, I would probably be not that angry..but the "guys" usually stalk, are possessive to such an absurd degree it borders on abuse..That's why I don't like any of the male protagonists some of these authors create!
      There have been a LOT of the Twilight Carbon Copy books, I'm amazed Stephenie hasn't sued anyone for plagiarism! I don't hate Twilight..I really don't care for it, but it was at least original in it's bad romance story..but all these other books..they just copied someone else's work for money, which is just..UGH..
      I never thought of Twilight like that! You're absolutely right though! WOW! I haven't read any of the Twilight books so I didn't know about Bella's character much..I mean she doesn't really have any in the movies..I thought it was just Kristen Stewart's bad acting, but I've heard people say that's how Bella is in the book! But, you're spot on..It's like soft core daydreaming for girls..forbidden romance, feeling special, hot guys vying for her heart..Very psychologically manipulative :D
      Aw Thanks Cecilie!! I'm so glad you liked the post!!! Your comment just made my day :D

    2. She should indeed sue them... Haha. You are right when you said that Twilight probably was original in the beginning, but now it just seems like one out of a thousand similar books. To be fair, that is probably not Stephanie Meyer's fault.
      It's clever really. I have nothing to say about Stephanie Meyer's sales tricks. Haha. ;)

  5. Great post, I have not read Twilight books. So I don't know how's they are But I watch all series of Twilight Full movie and really love to watch these movies. May be book is not good as movie. As you said in your blog post. I am always prefer movie as compare to books.


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