12 January 2015

A Friendly Shout Out!

Hey guys!

You may be knowing how hard it is to start a booktube, cause it's a freaking camera and it's so weird & awkward on so many levels! 

We all have considered starting it at one point and still probably do! But, it's not happening for me, even though I would love to just like talk to you guys person to person, with my own facial expressions and not a freaking gif  (though they are my lifesaver at this point!) of a jell-o or Jon Snow to convey my emotions! 

I can barely smile for a photograph naturally, because it gets so weird and talking to a camera and uploading it on youtube...Not Gonna Happen!

But, I want to give a shout out to Alex @ Book's Buzz!!!
She is one of my favorite book blogger (Her blog is great! Seriously, go check it out!) and she has recently started a Youtube channel! 

Let's all show our support, yah know visit her channel, check out her videos, subscribe, etc., Her videos are good!

Here's her channel The Book's Buzz 
C'mon guys, let's show our blogger girl some support!

What do you think about booktubing? Have you ever considered it and are you doing it? Comment and Let Me Know! Please share your thoughts!
Thank You for Reading! :)
Until Next Post,


  1. *sniffle sniffle* This post is so beautiful! I honestly can't thank you, especially, for all your support! Ha even though we can't see face to face I look forward to bumping into u one day perhaps at a book convention, or a book signing! I'm very thankful for this post and if there is anything you would like me to (shoutout, featured blogger post) just tell me, and I'll have a post about you up in no time!

    <3 With love,
    Alex @ The Book's Buzz

    1. I meant what I said, starting booktubing is a very brave step and anyway, I wanna support my Throne of Glass buddy! :D
      I would love something like that happening (probably in the near future!)!! I've always wanted to visit a book convention/signing!!!
      Thank You! That's so sweet of you! :)


Hello *waving* I love hearing from you guys, but as we can't see each other face to face and talk, we'll just have to make do with our keyboards! So, the keys are all yours! :D

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