24 January 2015

Luna & Harry

After Dinner, I comfortably settled on my bed and I started watching some Harry Potter videos on Youtube and then I came across this video of Harry and Luna. Now, you know I LOVE Luna! She is one of my most favorite character in the Harry Potter series, more than any other female in the series (Maybe except Lily). I don't remember much about them in the books, but in the movies I think Harry and Luna had a great chemistry together. Every single scene they have together, you can see this spark between them.


I like Harry and Ginny together in the books, mostly because Ginny's character had more depth and development. But, in the movies, Ginny's like meh...the whole Harry and Ginny thing felt like it came out of nowhere...Yeah, she had crush on Harry, but I always felt like they shoehorned that because it was in the source material and they absolutely had NO CHEMISTRY!!

I so badly wanted Luna and Harry to become a couple. These are the reasons I think they should've went that route. I'm only taking into consideration the movies and not the books, because it's been so long since I read them, anyways I really like Ginny in the books!

1. Luna has always been there for Harry and believed in him. The DA meeting when she diverts everyone's attention by taking about the Patronus charm, believing in Voldemort's return, comforting him after Sirius's death, When Dobby...(OMG..T^T) and diverting everyone's attention for Harry to have some escape after the end of Battle of Hogwarts (I don't remember if this one was in the movie, but it was definitely in the book and it is one of my favorite scenes)

2.  They have great chemistry!! Seriously, from their first interaction, you definitely can't take your eyes off of them. They're so cute together!!!!!

3. Luna helps Harry to accept who he is..She may seem weird and crazy, but she is wise and strong! Even with everyone picking on her she never gives up in what she believes...even if that included Crumple-Horned Snorkacks :D Likewise she really needs someone like Harry to ground her to the Reality from time to time.
 Personally for me this is one of the most important things that I like their in relationship.

4. They shared some experiences together..both of them losing someone close to them...people not believing in them, thinking they're crazy and I think with that, they have a deep psychological understanding and respect for each other which is essential in any relationship

5. They would've been a very original couple instead of the cliché best friend's sister thing as she is a VERY unusual girl and not exactly girlfriend material in the general way..
https://www.tumblr.com/search/loony+lovegoodShe is a very under appreciated character with a lot of potential. It would've made the relationship more interesting. I also would've loved to see Harry's future interactions with her father..you know..with all his wild conspiracy theories... I can't imagine what having Xenophilius as a father-in law would be like...Oh man... ROFL 

6. And Finally... Watch this video and then tell me one good reason on why they wouldn't make a better couple than how Ginny and Harry.. I dare You *crossing arms and glaring defiantly*

God, I love that video (The person really did a Great job on it) and that song!!! Luna x Harry Forever!  With Ms. Rowling's regret and admitting she was thinking Harry and Hermione would've been a better fit and seeing their memes everywhere..I just had to rant about this so badly! Harry and Luna ending up together would've made this series P-E-R-F-E-C-T for me (It's already perfect, but this would've been like being able to actually go Dragonland from Dragon Tales!!!)..Wishful thinking *sigh*

What do you think of my post? Did you like how they developed the relationship between Ginny and Harry in the movies? Why? Why not? 
I also found out to my shock and surprise many Draco and Hermione or as they call it Dramione fans..which..um I mean I can see it going that way if you like the whole bad boy turned good because of love thing (I found it Hilarious and kinda interesting at the same time :D) What do you think about Dramione? 
Comment and Let me Know! Please share your thoughts!
Thank You for Reading!
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  1. Ginny and Harry are amazing in books but it was not pulled off the right way in the movies..mostly because Ginny's involvement has been even less in movies than it has been in books..most of Ginny Harry moments happens during holidays and uninteresting part of books which is ignored in movies..I love how Ginny comforts Harry in book 5 when he thinks he is under Voldemorts control..she always sticks up for him..even when Ron and Hermoine doesn't..
    Harry and Luna are amazing together as well..actually the actress did a brilliant job as Luna..Luna had painted faces of Harry Ginny Neville Hermoine and Ron on her room wall how cool is that..she believed in Harry when wizarding world was against him..I wish they had brought her in a bit earlier I think she comes into books in Goblet of Fire..
    Harry and Luna were definitely amazing in movies than Ginny and Harry..I wish they had played Harry Ginny thing right..
    First that letter now this..
    makes me rant on your comments :P

    1. I totally agree about Ginny! She kinda reminded of Lily..she was strong, compassionate and talented like her...I think their relationship was like a parallel to James and Lily's! They should've included her a little bit more, with her being a main character and Harry's love interest..maybe one extra movie fleshing some things out would've been awesome!
      I actually love that scene in book 5 and in 6 after Dumbledore....they were very emotional! You can really feel that she's there for him..that he's not alone anymore!
      Evanna was great! They couldn't have picked a better actress for Luna! she was perfect! I agree, they should've had more of her! She is one of the most coolest characters in the HP Universe!
      Haha Harry Potter always makes a person rant :D

    2. The movies don't do justice to books at all D:
      The books are about the wizarding world but the movies are about Harry Potter...
      I hate what they did with Half Blood Prince movie..they removed so much from it..it builds upto them getting together so beautifully in the books plus all the Voldemorts past..Dumbledore's funeral D: D:
      Okay I need to stop I am getting very excited right now >.<" :P

    3. I was confused a bit in the Half Blood Prince..it's really hard when you watch the movie first, because they cut out a lot of exposition for the Voldermort - Horcrux thing and then when I read the book I finally understood!
      The Funeral! It was such a beautifully tragic scene!!! When I found out about cutting it out, I really wanted to bash someone's head in...!
      Harry Potter Forever :D

  2. OMG I can't wait to get started on this series. I'm hosting a Harry Potter giveaway on my blog in celebration of me starting the series. Go check it out if you want to win a Harry Potter wand and a necklace :D I'm so excited to be getting into the world and perhaps, in the future, fangirl about the book with a super fan like yourself. Happy reading and have a wonderful weekend :D

    Alex @ The Book's Buzz

    1. WOW! I'm so excited!!!! I hope you'll love it!!! Very cool! Gonna check it out right now!!! You too :)

  3. I never really liked Luna:P I wanted Harry and Hermione togetherxD Love the video though!

      Yeah, that video is really well done! I like Harry and Hermione too, but in a platonic way! I just LOVE how they're just friends after all these! But, anything is better than Harry and Ginny.
      After giving a thought, I think Dramione would make a good couple too.. that would've been very unexpected..But I like Draco just as he is :D

  4. Ah, you wrote about my favorite character in Harry Potter! For the record, I have Luna everything in my room - wand, poster, cork necklace, radish earrings, and specterspecs.

    To be honest, I never really saw Luna with ANY of the characters that JK created. I think she and Harry had a great friendship, but I just never really saw them getting together. (You're post did make a good argument, though. ^-^) What made me gag even more were the people trying to throw her and Neville together. Really? Eww.

    I guess I always just saw her as a free spirit, someone larger than life and destined for more than just the trope of character we got in the books. That's why I was pleasantly surprised to see that she'd married and had children in JK's mind...

    I dunno. Honestly, I only watched up to the fifth movie and it's been FOREVER since I've read the books. I guess I have good reason to pick them back up, huh?

    It was great stumbling across your lovely blog again! I hope to be back more often!

    Brittany @ http://www.spacebetweenthespines.com/

    1. WOW!! THAT IS SO COOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I LOVE LUNA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! SHE IS MY ROLE MODEL!!!!!!!!!! I loved Evanna as Luna! It was one of the best thing in the movies!!!! Seriously, she should've been there from the start!!!
      I didn't think so in the books too..Luna is the most amazing. independent spirit of all of them..but it was the movies that made me reconsider! The chemistry is really jarring and so palpable with the two actors that it was so cute to think of them as a couple!
      I agree..I mean, they both are outcasts..but they don't have ANY chemistry or the connectedness you would see in a couple..It was just so stupid!
      I really would like a spin off series with Luna! She is one of those treasures that the author doesn't even realize is in her grasp! She is such an awesome character!! Luna Buddies *Hugs* :D
      The movies aren't that bad..I think they should be watched for the last one! It just brings me to tears to think this series is over...A bitter sweet reminder everyday
      I definitely started rereading after writing this post! You should :D
      It's great seeing you here again Brittany! ^_^

  5. I think Luna and Harry may became the best couple in the move. Both of them was good friends in the movie. I was really sad to hear that series is going to end. But I was so happy to watch online full series .


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