21 January 2015

Letters To Characters #2: Harry Potter from (Duh! Do I even need to say which book & movie?!)

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Letters to characters is a Awesome meme hosted by Alicia The Awesome @ Awesome Book Assessment. In this feature, we write letters to characters. They can be about anything, really. If we didn’t like something they did in their book/series, we could yell at them about it or suggest something they should have done, or give advice some other way, or just gush about how awesome they are. And also- these don’t have to be book characters; they can be movie characters, TV show characters, webcomic characters, manga characters, whatever.


Dearest Harry,

I don't know how to begin this letter, because I mean, it's you! I have so much to say and I feel like my vocabulary isn't enough (I have a pretty big vocabulary, believe me!:D)!  I cried for two whole days without interruption when Dobby died (Even now I'm choking up just thinking about it) and he truly was the bravest elf I have ever seen. I'm glad he got to be free.

You have always been a great friend to me. I know, it's weird hearing that from a chick you've never met in your life, but I have watched you grow up, so much, it feels like I have been growing up along with you too! I think that's true, because I learned so much from you..That love is the most magical thing in life, that the people we love will always be with us through the love they had for us, that not giving up heart in face of adversity is true courage and that nobody is perfect, everyone has flaws & nothing or nobody is ever black and white.

You had to go through a lot of terrible (To put it lightly!) things and that makes me believe that no matter what obstacles I may face in my life, if you could make it through, then so could I. I learned the meaning of Hope, to crave for more adventures in life and that being weird is not all that bad from you. I thank you for that and for being a great role model to millions of kids, making it much easier for us to grow up with your story in our minds & Hogwarts themed stationeries in our rooms :)

I also think you are one of the greatest wizards in any world
(Though Hermione knows more spells :D )and I love Dark Arts too!

With Love,
Eclectic Introspections @ Flickering Lights

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  1. I'm a huge Harry Potter fan but somehow Harry Potter was never my favourite character..yeah he is really awesome..but I've always liked Hermoine and Dumbledore more...Ginny Weasley wow..and the twins :D
    Hagrid is so awesome as well..Severus Snape!!Oh that one feels right in the emotions D: >.<"
    I started rambling here sorry but it's tough to control on some topics! :D
    Which is your favorite book in the series??

    1. Yeah, I get that! Maybe it's because Harry is so flawed and I've watched him grow up from like the beginning, so it makes me feel, I don't know, more closer to him than the others! Dumbledore and Severus Snape have always been my favorite too!
      Just thinking about the series always takes you on a roller coaster on emotions! :D
      Mine is a tie between Sorcerer's Stone (It always feels more magical than the others cause it's the first one!) and Deathly Hallows (It's the battle of Hogwarts and I LOVE the backstory we get on Snape..just so many feelings!!)!!
      What about yours?

    2. Sorcerer's Stone is great..getting the first look into the magical world! :D
      I like 3rd and 6th book best..In 3rd they suddenly grow up and Sirius Black comes in! and 6th deals with Voldemorts past that one really fascinates me :D
      Last one is really emotional..I almost had a breakdown on twitter while reading it :P
      I was live tweeting while reading last 50 something pages which covered the battle at hogwarts oh the tweets were so inspired :P
      I love all of them XD

    3. Yeah, Half Blood Prince and Prince of Azkaban were fantastic reads! Voldemort is truly a very interesting um..guy..wizard *shuddering*
      If I was on twitter while reading, I too I think would have gone ballistic :D
      Battle of Hogwarts was truly EPIC!!! I had Goosebumps all over while reading it!! The scene with Snape's flashback, I broke down sobbing..I felt so bad for hating him...He is truly the best and most interesting character in the whole series and Rickman's performance always gives me the chills..Especially during when Dumbledore asks if he still loves Lily and he replies 'Always'...Just beautifully sad!
      The whole series is just wonderful beyond words! *double high five* :D

    4. That "Always" makes me cry seriously ..that silver doe T_T T_T


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