11 April 2015

Glad to be Back!


I really am sorry for not being able to post for a whopping two months!

My father was seriously ill and everything was so hectic, I couldn't even get near my laptop or concentrate on reading. He's healthy and better now (I know it's a miracle that made it possible. There came a point when we were all afraid that our time with him was over) and things are slowly getting back to normal.

If you missed me, then I know I'm providing some quality content. 
Well, if you didn't then I hope there will come a point in the near future where it'll happen. 

Also, I have some books I agreed to review and I apologize for putting them off. I hope you'll understand. I will get to them as soon as I can and from now on my posting will be back in schedule.
I'm so glad to be back and that things worked out fine!


  1. Hey hi!
    I kinda missed interacting with you :P
    I wondered what was up hadn't read a post here for a long time.
    Hope your father is well though *Sends good wishes over the internet* :D
    How are you? :)

    Neal Kind
    Daily Diaries

    1. Hey Neal!
      Yeah, I missed interacting with you too :D
      He's much better now, thanks!
      I'm good. I never realized how much this blog was a part of me until these past two months!
      You? I have a lot of the comic chapters to catch up on I guess :D

    2. I'm good too :)
      I posted one yesterday :P

    3. I will check it out.
      *Sigh* I have so much to catch up on everywhere!
      Tell me I wasn't the only one who anticipated Oliver being asked to be the next Ra's thing! That was a total rip off!

    4. I was surprised anyhow with that because of the way it was brought up.I was expecting Ra's to give Oliver a task or something since he didn't die the first time around and then go that direction.I like that Lazarus pit is in the show.Few episodes were kinda boring though and I didn't like how they brought back Oliver I was hoping they'd take a couple of episodes and build a mystery around to who helped him.(My initial guess was Merlin would help him there).
      I'm loving The Flash though!Did you see the thing with Harrison Wells?? :D :D

    5. Yes, I agree! It was too abrupt! Also, they're putting too much importance into the whole Oliver-Felicity thing. I wish they would just make him single and continue with the story, because it's really annoying. Oh Lord! The drama! Someone kill me! They're rushing things! The Lazarus Pit is one of the best elements this season, hands down! I think that's what Merlyn's plan was, but Maseo beat him to it.
      I still haven't started watching Flash. I can't seem to get the time.
      Also, I'm too excited for GoT season 5 to start! I'm dying with excitement! You watch GoT?

    6. It airs tomorrow!!
      Although I download shows from torrent so I'll have it on Monday instead but I'm so excited!!
      That Mountain v Viper fight and Red Wedding still haunts me o.O
      I loved that episode with Tyrion's trial his speech!!
      I hope Cersei chokes on something and die.I hate her.I'm glad Tywin is dead.I've started feeling bad for Jamie though it's getting harder and harder to hate him every season.Bronn is awesome.I'm also looking forward to how Jon Snow does at the wall.I'm glad they're changing things than in books.(Did you hear ?Next book should be out before next season :P).
      Watch Daredevil if you haven't I jst saw the first episode.It's dark,mysterious and full of action.It is also set in Marvel Universe if you like the movies.!
      It's the perfect crime show.

    7. Tyrion's trail is always gonna be my top favorite episode in GoT of all time! It was a masterpiece!
      Ahh, Cersei, The Queen Bitch! I think I just want them to keep Cersei's trail intact! They could everything else! But, I don't hate show Cersei as much as book Cersei..She is more complex and less dumber in the show.
      George R.R. Martin actually told the ending to Benioff and Weiss in case he dies. I don't mind if the story is totally different, I would love to see how they do it differently in the show. But, I don't like the angle they're going though. I don't think Daenerys will be a good ruler for Westeros. Tyrion is the best choice or maybe Gendry (I still think he is Robert and Cersei's son)! I can't wait for Jaqen H'ghar and Arya's renuion!
      I've actually seen the trailer! It looks badass as hell! That line, "I'm not seeking forgiveness for what I've done. I'm seeking forgiveness for what I'm about to."! I literally can't wait to watch it (It premiered yesterday right?) and it looks WAAAY better than the Ben Affleck version.

    8. Ben Affleck version was bad just bad.Watch it's honest trailer it's so funny :P
      That line is really cool in the show.I'm waiting for the 2nd episode to download.It's good that it is a Netflix show I got the entire season to download xD
      Book Cersei is also bad every Cersei is bad.
      Oh yeah Arya!!How can I forget her..I'm so looking forward to her story along with Tyrion's and Jon Snow's.I hope they introduce Lady Stoneheart this season that would be so cool.
      Gendry disappeared after the S1 in the show kinda weird right? o.O
      I hate that priest lady I can't remember name of.
      Sansa's story is the one I'm least interested in.I blame her for everything that has happened in this show.She is the only reason all our favourite character's died and why Lannisters are winning right now.
      Khaleesi would be an awful queen/king of the realm she can't handle the throne she has right now how is she going to handle such a big one.IF not for all the men who love her she wouldn't be here (Not trying to be a sexist here there are women in GoT who desreve throne like Arya or even Margery but not Khaleesi).
      And he did WHAT! O_O
      Someone needs to get them to spill the beans on the ending :P
      Valar Morghulis.

    9. They already made a Honest Trailer on it?! I gotta watch it LOL!
      The writers told in some interview that Lady Stoneheart is not gonna be there. She is a minor character and I don't think her arc is that important to the end game.
      Melissandra is actually one of the only characters that I like more in the books than in the show. I liked her in A Dance with Dragons.
      Daenerys is too pretentious! I hate that she sent Jorah way. She has no gratitude. He did so much for her and she wouldn't even be here if it wasn't for him.
      It's not sexist at all. I totally agree with you. I don't think she has it in her to play the Game. She may have come a long way, but she is certainly not ready at all. I think the reason she has so much fanbase is because she is a woman and I'm afraid they're gonna make her the Queen to appease the fans and to make it seem more empowering to women. I really hope they don't do that :/
      I watched the trailer on my phone and for some reason when I heard "I'm not going to stop the wheel, I'm going to break it." I really thought it was Sansa saying that. I don't hate her. She's becoming a favorite of mine. She may have started it all, but she was as much victim as Ned or even Arya. She didn't know how much of a big web she was caught in. I think Sansa should put a stop to the game because then it would come full circle.
      Tyrion's, Jon's, Arya's and Sansa's are the most interesting arcs so far.
      Didn't Davos help Gendry to go to King's Landing? Maybe Jamie will figure out he's a trueborn?! There are just too many conspiracy theories on the internet for me to handle!

    10. I don't read fan theories there are too many of them and I don't have a lot of time for that :P
      I think had Sansa not forced Ned to go to Kings Landing and marry her to King Ass (Joffrey) none of it would happen.Ned won't realize the Lannister incest and won't be killed.Or even if she had said it was Joffrey who attacked that Butcher boy and Arya way early in the series.One thing leads to another to another just because she is way too stupid to see her own good.Sometimes it's wise to listen to other and seeing how she makes bad nay worst decision she still makes them.I think she should hire someone to make decisions for her.
      Yeah trailer for the movie Daredevil.All Honest Trailers are awesome though I love the twilight ones they're just so funny :P xD

    11. Some of the fan theories are very plausible actually :D
      Ned decided to go because of the letter Lysa Arryn sent to Cat explaining that Jon Arryn was murdered by the Lannisters, which she did for Petyr. Also, this whole thing wouldn't have started if it wasn't Petyr, not Sansa :P
      I agree with the butcher's boy situation, but she didn't know how evil Joffrey or Cersei. I'm not defending her, she is stupid, yes, but it is mostly due to her naiveté and she has had her fair share of punishments for those. But, she is learning from Petyr the rules of the game and how to play it all along.
      Twilight ones are the best! The Daredevil Honest Trailer..Batfleck Begins LOL

    12. Yeah, I'm not a fan of littlefinger either :P
      You should see some of the theories people come up on Moviepilot it's horrifying how much they think for no good reason.My liking of characters have changed quite a bit since season 1 I liked Robert Barathean at the start but I started hating him with every episode.Joffrey and Cersei were hateable since the start but Jamie is almost likeable now.I didn't like Hound in season 1 but he was among one of my favourites until he died.I'm just hoping few of my favourite characters make it to the end game of the book/show.
      Haha yeah, although Ben Affleck's Batman is looking kinda badass so are rest of the characters did you see Jason Momoa's Aquaman?He made Aquaman look cool :P
      Do you watch Marvel movies?
      So excited for Age of Ultron! :D

    13. I know he's evil (Ned was and still is one of my favorite character!), but I love Littlefinger! He's just so awesome and cunning! :D
      Robert...If he had not become a useless drunk, all of this wouldn't have happened! Damn him! I think Sansa's kinda in love with the Hound in the book. She keeps thinking back to the kiss he gave her during the Seige.
      I started out hating Varys, but now he's like one of my absolute favorites. I liked Robb in the beginning, but I hated him towards the Red Wedding (It was still devastating though). Marrying Talisa was a really, really dumb move! So was trusting Theon! My God! He had the power and the opportunity to crush the Lannisters and save his family, but he just let it all go to waste! At least in the books, he marries Jeyne or Jane whatever because he sleeps with her and he doesn't want to be dishonorable (Still stupid though).
      Yeah. Who knew Khal Drogo would make a great Waterboy :D
      I've watched a few Marvel movies, but not much.
      It's Avengers 2 right? The trailer keeps popping up in my Youtube recommendations section. It looks cool, but I still haven't watched the first one.

    14. I've never been a huge Robb Stark fan but it did hurt in Red Wedding *Shivers* that was cold of everyone!Yes he did kind of let it all go.He was winning the war in many ways until he decided to throw it all away by getting married to Talisa and trusting Greyjoy (I hate Greyjoy,I was so happy when he was tortured and well made impotent in a way :P).I like Khal Drogo in both the books and the show.
      Yeah that's Avengers 2 :D
      You probably won't understands some parts of it if you haven't seen all the Marvel movies (Not all only few important ones Avengers 1,Cap. America 2,Thor 2,Iron Man 3 and you won't understand Avengers 1 if you haven't seen Thor, Captain America and Iron Man 2 :P)

    15. I kinda felt bad for Theon. I mean no one deserves that kinda brutal torture. He was just too misguided by his ideas and he did actually love the Starks (well at least Robb anyway) Ramsay Snow..Oh yeah..now freaking Bolton..Why would Roose Bolton do that?! Ramsay is the most sadistic character in GoT hands down! That guy is too creepy!
      I don't know..I don't like or hate Khal Drogo..He's just there I guess and he was a savage who raped, murdered and plundered lands. But, he is freaking cool cause he poured gold onto Visery's head :D
      You gotta watch this video ( https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rapo0h-RDnk )! It's just too brilliant!
      I haven't watched Captain America and I've watched Thor, Iron Man 1, but I heard Iron Man 2 was horrible so I didn't watch it.

    16. Bran is not even in this season I never cared for his story much anyhoo.Hodor was the only interesting thing in it.I felt a little at the start but not after he literally went out of his way to do what he did that was a real shitty move on his part.I don't think he loved him he just respected him for being a good leader and companion I guess.I hate Bolton.It felt like everyone literally went out of their ways to kill Robb Stark and take over winterfell and other areas.Lannister sure must be happy about the fact that they now own most of the realm and they aren't even on the throne legally speaking.
      That gold crown thing was awesome!I never liked Visery's I knew from that first scene where he's selling and touching his own sister that I'm not going to like this character.He was awful to Khaleesi.
      Talk about creepy I think the potion master is more creepy in the realm that guy is so old and such a perv.He lied at Tyrion's trial as well.
      Yeah Iron Man 2 wasn't very good but it kind of sets up Avengers a little by introducing SHIELD and Nick Fury(Sam. L Jackson).I think you'd like new movies if you like sci-fic movies of such types.(Like Cap Am 2, Guardians of the Galaxy etc)

    17. Bran's story feels so disconnected from everything else. Maybe that's why we don't feel it's as interesting. But, the last episode he was in, s3 was it? was pretty badass. I think he's gonna at least show his face in s5 and he's the first warg to be born south of the wall, so I think his story is somehow gonna be related to everything. I think making the North a enemy was a pretty wrong move on the Lannisters. Anyway, don't fret..The Lannisters are gonna be in some deep shit this season. My heart just leaps with joy thinking about it. With Tywin gone, they're gonna crumble :D
      Pycelle! That guys need to fucking die! I wanted to throw him by his beard during Tyrion's trial! He called Joffrey 'the most noble child God ever put on this Earth'...The IRONY! But, still, Ramsay is too creepy..I think he's gonna be the most formidable enemy in Westeros now that Tywin's gone.
      Cool! I liked Guardians of the Galaxy! It was a really good movie! Maybe I'll like this too :D

    18. He was in s4 as well he found that creepy guy in the cave at the end I guess.You know 1st 4 episodes leaked online I've downloaded the first and am downloading the 2nd :D :D (SO EXCITED!!!)
      Yes they'll going to face a lot of shit now. :D
      Guardians of the Galaxy was aweseome!! :D

    19. WHAT?!!!!!!! IT'S LEAKED?!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I NEED IT NOW!!!!!!!!!!!! Definitely Downloading it! Thanks Dude! Owe you one! :D

    20. Yeah, found them on Kickass Torrents :D

    21. I can't wait till download. I'm watching the first episode! It's not HD, but it's actually clearer than I though it would be!

    22. Cool I was watching Daredevil episode 5 :D
      I'll watch GoT later today :D

  2. I'm super super glad things worked out fine and Ohh I didn't know you were MIA but I did feel a draft in the blogging community and I think it's because of your absence. YAYA but you're back now and omg we can totally stir up some new posts and have some blogging fun!

    Alex @ The Book's Buzz

    1. Aww, Thanks Alex! That's so sweet :)
      Definitely! I'm really looking forward to it :D

  3. I'm glad your father has recovered :) Looking forward to more posts :)


Hello *waving* I love hearing from you guys, but as we can't see each other face to face and talk, we'll just have to make do with our keyboards! So, the keys are all yours! :D

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