15 December 2014

Series I will NOT FINISH

Once upon a time, there was a sweet, young, talented teenage girl who went on a quest to read wonderful books and gain knowledge. While on her crusade, she had to battle her way through some dark forces such as................................................................................... Shitty characters and stupid plots -_-

                                Series I will NOT FINISH


 The Reboot Series by Amy Tintera. I read the first one, Reboot and it was okay. I actually thought it was a stand-alone, but I was surprised when I found out it was part of a trilogy. I wasn't interested to read the others. It uses the same formula as all the other dystopian books and I don't care what happens to anyone or anything.

https://www.goodreads.com/book/show/9662386-tiger-s-quest?ac=1Being an Indian, I got really pissed at the lack of research this author did while writing this series and the mythology was screwed up. I DON'T GIVE A SHIT. Note to authors, if you wanna write a romance story don't shoehorn some stupid plot just as a filler to create your customized Team Edward, Jacob T-shirts. Oh and also, did I mention an American girl is the chosen one of Goddess Dhurga when she doesn't know a thing about India? Why, you ask? Who the fuck knows, cause the author is not gonna tell us, being that she's too busy fleshing out the teen love triangle drama  *gagging*. I think I actually got allergic to tigers because of this book....UGH

Another trilogy where I don't care what happens. That's the worst thing a book has for it when it's bad....Whenever something happened I was like "I am so uninterested in ANY of this"

The Pretty Little Liars series by Sara Shepard. This is the book version of Great Wall of China...It just keeps going on and on....I read five of these and then, I couldn't take it anymore! The long line sequels were there for only one reason *cough* money *cough*..This series could've been a trilogy. I just started reading these, because I used to watch the show. I'm not picking up another one even if someone gives me a million dollars (Not kidding)

This book was so bad bad bad bad bad bad bad...I couldn't take the writing style style style style style style style...I read the first first first first first first first one and that's all I'm ever gonna read read read read read read read.
Annoyed at my writing style? Imagine reading a book written like that.

What do you do when you have a story about aliens from another galaxy who have cool superpowers and a very interesting premise....? Definitely not create immensely stupid characters and write the story like an eight year old. That is exactly what this book did. This series wants me to hate it and I'm very happy to do the favor. 

https://www.goodreads.com/book/show/6186357-the-maze-runnerI loved the first half of this book and I was excited to read it, even with Thomas being an annoying narrator. The second half went down hill very rapidly for me. I went from "WOW! So cool! to huh? WTF IS THIS?????!!!!". The whole reason for why the plot was happening did not make sense..AT ALL! It seemed irrational and stupid. Goodbye, illogical plot. Hope I never see you again..ever in my life.

I saw this post on the blog My Little Corner for Books and I've been meaning to do it for a long time. Be sure to check her post out here

What do you think of my list? Do you like it?  Which series will you not finish? Comment and Let me Know! Please share you thoughts!
Thank you for Reading :)


  1. Hahahaha XD
    Tiger's quest...hahahahaha XD

    Neal Kind
    Daily Diaries

    1. I'm glad at least someone had a good laugh because of this good for nothing piece of shit...I think I got allergic to tigers after reading this series..UGH

    2. lol allergic to tigers!!! A lot of people have recommended the shatter me series to me but i didn't quite like the synopsis so i never bothered to pick it up so i'm glad i read this because i don't think i will :P

    3. And worst, Tiger is the national animal of India.... *sigh*
      Yeah, I should've stayed away from Shatter Me, but my curiosity and all the good reviews made me want to give it a try...After reading I found out it wasn't my type of read and the writing style.....I almost went mad reading it.... Consider yourself VERY lucky...I envy you :/

  2. Really? Shatter Me? I've heard a lot of praises for this one, but it's nice to read different opinions. I've heard it's really romantic:P Pretty Little Liars, too many booksXD There's like, what, 14? I'd just stick with the TV show.

    1. Yeah, Fari's favorite series is Shatter me right? I saw it on the Christmas Gift Guide Tag :)
      *shrugging* Too much Romance is not really my thing..especially when mixed with sci-fi or fantasy..
      Well, everyone has their opinion..I can see why it could be an entertaining series..The premise is actually pretty good...But mostly the problem for me was the writing style...I get nightmares just thinking about it...*shuddering*
      14?!!!!!! WHOA!!!!!! Thank God I backed up or I would've spent all my precious life reading only this series........Yeah, the show version is better, even though sometimes it gets to the point of being absurd...The characters are NOT AT ALL like in the show...they're just too generic, especially the girls....I never should've picked up this series *sigh*

  3. Thanks for the advice on The Maze Runner. I was gonna get the entire series because I loved the movie, but I can see now that the books are probably worse than the movie. There are always those cases :p

    Alex @ The Book's Buzz

    1. I haven't seen the movie yet..I don't know if it's better than the book..Maybe I need to steel myself and watch it. If they don't do the end like in the books, then I think it would be okay. I'm glad to make someone stay away from this series..Ugh..it should have never been labelled Sci-fi...

  4. Aww.. I really wanted to read Reboot. And it goes down my priority list.

    *gasps* I LOVE Shatter Me trilogy! :( Oh, well.

    I am never even going to start PLL. *rolls eyes*

    Maze Runner sucks.

    ~Fari 0:)

    1. Maybe you'll like it? *shrugging* It's not bad..I mean the story is sorta new, but it felt every other dystopian book with the way the plot progressed and the characters were generic..I wasn't that interested to continue with the series. I think I would say this is like a cheap knock-off of The Darkest Minds series.
      I know..It just wasn't my type of read :)
      I know I never should have either...The mistakes we make sometimes.. *sigh*

  5. I read Reboot early this year. And I have not read the sequel yet. For me, after a certain amount of time has gone by, I know that I will not read the rest of the series. I thought Reboot was okay, but I did not like it enough to read the rest. The same thing happened to me with Shatter Me. I liked the storyline, but I COULD NOT STAND the writing style! The repetition, crossed out sentences, and obscure metaphors were just too much for me. I would like to know how the rest of the plot went, but not enough to force myself through the writing.
    Great Post!

    1. Exactly! Me too! There are other series that I have to read anyway...So I didn't want to waste my time reading something that I wasn't interested in..
      I could actually feel my brain turning into goo when I was reading Shatter me....
      I would not read the others even if my life depended on it..but I do wanna know what happens..For the Love of God, why would anyone write like that?!!!!!

  6. Ugh Shatter Me was terrible. You are totally not missing out on anything by not continuing that trilogy. The books actually get worse as they go (if that's even possible) Why did I ever continue with those books? :/
    I've actually been recommended those Tigers Quest books, but I am definitely never going to read them. I mean, my co-blogger couldn't even finish the book and now I hear that its terrible again...um yeah I'll definitely pass, especially since it has a love triangle..those things annoy me so much!

    Amazing post! :D
    ~Carina @My Addiction: Books

    1. I actually wanted to know what happens after...but, I'll take your word for it...You actually read all the books in the series?????????!!!!!!!!! OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Girl, you need a medal!!!!!!
      I read the review..Thank God Haley did not finish that book! I don't know why some authors are so lazy they don't even wanna do some research on what they're writing about..Being an Indian, it hurt at the indifference Ms. Colleen showed for our culture and mythology..
      Now a days most of YA has just become about the love triangles... *gagging*

  7. The only 2 series I have even started from your list are Shatter Me (which as a series I loved) and The Maze Runner but I've only read the first book. I've been wanting to read the others so hopefully I'll enjoy them more so than you did


    1. I really wanted to enjoy those two books, but I couldn't, they just weren't my type of read I guess :/
      I too hope you'll enjoy them more than I did :)


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