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Hello *waving*

 I'm an 18 year old Indian girl, who is proud of being weird and different (Trying to fit in is overrated these days my dear people) who loves to blog and starting this blog is one of my accomplishments and I know I need to thank you guys for that, even those of you who aren't regular readers. So, cheers to you for visiting my blog!  ^_^
So...If you're here cause you like books or at least curious or bored and you're surfing the internet for something interesting to pass your valuable time, well if it's any of those or something else, I'm glad, cause that brought you here :D

Welcome to my Blog! Very Nice to meet you!! I don't know you personally, but I am hoping you are nice, because I have not lost my faith in Humanity yet :D

I LOVE music (All types that gets me singing or humming) , reading, traveling, watching movies, animes and TV shows And just surfing the internet.
I love the old Barbie Movies (yeah, I do!) and hate the new ones. 

My favorite movies of all time are  
Jurassic Park I (Ian Malcolm!! The Theme will always be my favorite music of all time! The Nostalgia..This movie will ALWAYS have a Very special place in my heart),
Lord of The Rings Trilogy (The love I have for this EPIC Masterpiece of movies knows no bounds!! This isn't just a movie trilogy, it's an experience! SAMWISE GAMGEE, YOU ROCK!!!!), 
Dead Poets Society, 
Hachiko: A Dog's Story (Makes me cry Every Single Time...How can you not cry while watching this?!), Zombieland (It has one of the BEST INTRO in cinematic history!) 
I can watch them all day, everyday!

My favorite music score is from Jurassic Park, Lord of The Rings and Pirates of The Caribbean.

I've always wanted to be tall. Unfortunately....Well! For all tall people out there, "I Envy You!".

I HATE Goodreads rating system! That frustrating moment when you want to give a half star more and you can't! And also it's search! Spellings!!!

My favorite TV shows are Game of Thrones! (Yeah! Tyrion Lannister is AWESOME!), Sherlock, Arrow, Death Note, InuYasha, Jigoku Shoujo, Pokemon, Digimon, La corda d'oro primo passo, Cardcaptor Sakura, The Walking Dead, American Horror Story, Prison Break.
I LOVE listening to Jason Mraz, Owl City, The 1975, Panic! At The Disco, Fun, OneRepublic, James Blunt, Taylor Swift, Chris Isaak, Avril Lavigne, Imagine Dragons, Audioslave, Matt Dusk, Mohit Chauhan, Atif Aslam, Karthik, Shaggy, Magic! and many more!

I LOVE  science and philosophy in general but, I have a huge fascination towards mythology, magic and anything that's labeled impossible according to science.

My favorite branch in Physics is Astronomy and Quantum Physics. I enjoy reading books, academic and literature.
Oh, I don't like Math. *shuddering*

I LOVE watching Everything Wrong with by Cinemasins, Bad Lip Reading and Honest Trailers by Screen Junkies , How It Should Have Ended on Youtube! Never missed a single video.  I watch them whenever I feel down or bored.They're just so Hilarious! I also LOVE BuzzFeed!!! So informative and funny <3

I started this blog mainly because I don't have anyone to discuss about the books I read, my thoughts on life and to just rant my thoughts...Well.....
Bless the technology for the internet.

I guess that's it! I pray that it wasn't that awkward...I hope you'll like my blog and find my posts useful and enjoyable! *Fingers Crossed* :D
The Floor is yours now! I'd like to get to know you too! Comment and Please, share your thoughts! Thank you for reading :)
And, Please be sure to check out my posts!!! 
live long & prosper



  1. You haven't mentioned if you're a he or a she D:
    Sherlock, awesome! Doctor Who is really good too and I've recently started watching House- super awesome stuff. I don't do music but I recognized atif aslam since he's pakistani xD

    1. Haha Oops! I'm a girl. I think I need to update it in. Thanks XD
      I haven't seen Doctor Who, but I've heard it's quite awesome. My friend tried to get me to watch House, but I got confused with all the Biology-ish stuff. Ah, Atif Aslam! He's a very good singer. You listen to his hindi songs?
      It's so nice to meet you Catalina. Thanks for visiting my blog ^_^

  2. Actually, Catalina is wrong. you said you're an 18 year-old Indian girl somewhere on here. LOL Is asking your name too personal?

    1. Well, I had to add that part in after Catalina pointed it out :)
      Haha, maybe and it's quite a mouthful :D
      Thanks for Stopping by! ^_^

  3. Jeans..I think I've seen that movie don't remember it though..Karthik umm..tell me a song by him..can't recall who he is..Imagine Dragons are definitely awesome..there new album comes out this year :D
    I love these movies too..Jurassic Park..that movie made my childhood awesome.the number of times I've seen it is too high...new Jurassic Park comes out this year! YAAY! and it got some of real cool actors/ress..Mohit Chauhan is one of the few singers who is worth listening to these days rest *coughMikaHoneySinghcoughcough* are down right awful :P
    Quantum Physics has a lot of maths and still you hate maths??weird :P
    Are you from science backgroud?? (because you know quantum physics :P)
    There's an Indian channel as well like Honest Trailers that's also really funny (link https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TOZyX3bv2Hc if you want to check it :P)
    And ARROW! virtual hi-5 did you see the mid season finale?and the mid season premier episode? I'm freaking out!! O_O

    1. It's that Aishwarya Rai identical twins movie. He's the guy who sang Behka from Ghajini and this is a tamil song by him ( https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jOpRjAeXMlg ) He's really a very good singer!
      I know right! I'm so excited and a little scared at the same time! I hope they don't ruin it like the other two movies! When I read The Lost World, I was really angry..they totally ruined it! Sarah Harding was such a strong character in the book and in the movie..meh..I'm actually a little sad that the old cast won't be returning..at least Ian Malcolm! He's so awesome!
      Yeah..Honey Singh sucks big time! I never liked him that much anyway...He's too out of the game and his songs have absolutely no melody or rhythm! I nearly threw up when I heard Desi Kalakaar..and the video..Oh man..don't even get me started..I get nightmares just thinking about it...Sonakshi Sinha... *shuddering*
      Mohit Chauhan!!! He's the best! He's got such a unique, amazing voice!
      Yeah, I have a love-hate relationship with Maths cause of that.. :P
      Yup, Science student full and full!
      OMG! I LOL'd so much while watching that video! It was Hilarious..Creepiness disclaimer :D
      Yeah, loved that episode! I actually saw it coming..With Ray Palmer now in the mix, they needed to give him some superhero screen time...But, Ra's al Ghul wasn't what I expected..I mean yeah he was badass, but he didn't have the presence and command that Ra's should have..Oh well you can't have everything I suppose *sigh*
      I'm so excited for the next episode!!!!! I wonder what will happen..Hope they won't go into the supernatural territory for Oliver..that would kinda ruin the show..Maseo wouldn't let him die right?! right?! I can't wait!!

    2. You haven't seen the episode after he dies? o.O o.O
      and Ra's he did capture the essence of the character you know..I read a lot of comics and the Ra's is pretty much like that only..only thing that was bad is that he didn't get as much screen time being the Ra's he should've..that line about no one challenging him for 67 years that gave me chills..he didn't even chose a sword fighting Oliver he literally fought empty handed..I hate Thea seriously hate her..she's always going on about no one telling her anything betrayal when every time she does the same..since season 1 she has done nothing to prove she is capable of truth everytime she is throwing tantrums and being a jerk >.<"

    3. Nope..I have to watch it..Busy week and I just can't find the time!
      I haven't read the comics, but Liam Neeson as Ra's was excellent..I know they're whole different performances and comparing them is not fair, but Liam was more intimidating.. I wish Liam Neeson had played Ra's..Maybe I'm biased because it's Liam Neeson..Maybe they went according to the comics*shrugging*
      LOL I feel the exact opposite! Though I kinda hate Thea, I feel like she has an important part in the series from now on instead of just eye candy and her storyline is becoming very interesting! I used to find her and Laurel annoying as hell..Now, even Laurel is slowly gaining her place as well!

    4. I don't know I'm afraid they'll ruin black canary for me..I mean she is so amazing in comics she is like female Batman...but Laurel..she is just whinny and annoying..she can't seem to decide if she hates someone or not...Liam Neeson's Ra's was very different than comics and Liam Neeson did bring that shrugging factor to the role he was freaking awesome that movie is seriously wow but this Ra's gives you chills..like "Oh shit it's him save me mommy!" kind of or so I think :P
      We were freaking out whole day me and my friend after watching that episode wondering what will happen etc...I hope you find time to watch it it's really awesome :D

    5. Yeah, I've heard people say that Black Canary is like a really skilled fighter and that's what makes me worry..I mean Sara was trained by the freaking League of Assassins and Laurel...um..by a boxer? I don't know and she's not mentally as strong as Sara...I wish they hadn't killed her off! I know they were going with the route of the comics and Laurel is Black Canary there, but seriously, I can't imagine this Laurel being like that...
      He was that scary?! Haha I was scratching my head even when they introduced him by saying his name and then laughed out loud.. Guess we have different tastes :P
      Yeah, I hope so too!! Now, I'm really anticipating watching it! :D

    6. Actually the guy training Laurel is the guy who trains Black Canary in comics as well and in comics she is Laurel's mother Diana Lance they went another way with it..yeah Sara was better as Canary she just got along the theme so well..you couldn't feel the coldness in his voice?or the emptiness in his eyes?and unlike Batman Begin they were actually calling him Demon's Head..I hated Ra's first appearance earlier in the season my thoughts were like yours but last episode kind of changed that..

    7. Ohh really?! Cool! Wonder why they didn't have her mom's backstory like that! It's so awesome!
      It sounds plausible..he too was a vigilante at one point..but Laurel would need years and years of training to become a badass fighter, she doesn't have any pre-fighting skills..Don't know how they'll make her a skilled warrior without it being unbelievable and clunky.
      LOL Nope..nothing! I feel bad for saying that..the actor is really trying his best..maybe I need to get used to him, give him a few more episodes..After all, Liam Neeson is still overpowering my mind.. Demon's head is a really cool name! I can imagine a dog with that name..a great, black ferocious hound! Um..I don't know why I went to the subject of dogs..LOL

    8. Nope, but I've heard people are actually liking Flash more cause it's really upbeat and has all the superpowers and stuff! I liked Barry Allen, but I don't know, I'm skeptical to start watching it...You watch it? How is it?

    9. Yeah..it's different than Arrow..I like Arrow more though but Flash is also really cool...while Arrow is very dark and crime based Flash is fun plus Barry Allen is still learning to use his powers that is really interesting as one doesn't see that everyday superhero learning to use his power..and it has direct ties with comics at several points that is really cool

    10. I don't read comics and that's why I'm kinda frustrated with these shows...there are so many comic book character hints & I can't recognize any of them.. especially in season 2 of Arrow, I got to know there were so many Easter Eggs and all the fans were gushing about it non-stop :/
      I know right! Arrow is very dark and broody! I love shows like that!
      I was skeptical of Flash cause superpowers makes it a little less intense..like Superman..the fights were growing boring, because he was basically invincible and after seeing Barry fight with the Arrow..God, he is so powerful!
      I have to check out Flash then!

    11. I'm not into Superman much I like Batman :D
      They're introducing a bit of superpower stuff in Arrow as well now with Atom (Ray Palmer)..
      Did you hear about the new DC shows??there are several coming out this year and next one :D

    12. I do LOVE krypton!
      But, it's not overpowering the series and Arrow is the main protagonist anyway! Plamer is like the side-guy!
      Yeah! There's gonna be Vixen, which I'm really excited for!! I used to love her in Justice League Unlimited!, Titans and I heard they're thinking of making Atom into a separate spin-off series! I love Ray Palmer..He's snarky, intelligent and not to mention good looking :D

    13. there's also one coming named iZombie..comics are cool..hoping so it the show..and Supergirl..Krypton..Titans..have you seen Constantine?Network has been stupid with that show and that show is really amazing

    14. Yeah, Supergirl! Wonder when that one's gonna air.
      iZombie? Is it about Zombies?!! I LOVE Zombies!!
      Nope, haven't watched it. Isn't it sorta based off of the movie Constantine starring Keanu Reeves?

    15. That movie was bad it's more comic book show has all supernatural elements to it ever supernatural like s1 of that show..
      fun fact supern. is based on constatine as well :P

    16. Hey! I like that movie! C'mon, it wasn't that bad! It had Keanu Reeves in it for Christ's Sake!
      Wait dude What?! Really?! Wow! That's so cool! It must be really good then!!! I LOVE Supernatural!! I kinda stopped watching it because it was just dragging on and on...Oh man..and it was getting boring..I feel so sad..
      If I think about it Constantine reminded me of Dean! They were so similar!
      Flash and Constantine are now on my list! :D

    17. Well Keanu Reeves was the only good thing about it :P

    18. The story wasn't that bad..It was enjoyable :P

  4. nominated you for the versatile blogger award!

    1. Thanks Kariny! I'll get to it as soon as I can! I can't wait to do it! :D

  5. Hello love! I nominated you for an award, if you would kindly check it out!!
    XO// Sarah

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