9 October 2014

A Hodgepodge

Average Girl

Just your average girl trying to make her way through the world....

That's what I'm supposed to say if anyone asks, right? Average is good, unnoticed, the shadow that hunches over you, to protect you when you don't want to bring yourself any attention, when embarrassment is inevitable. When it happens, it feels like you're a dear caught in the headlights. 
Trying to fit in
Finding your voice, your niche in life. That's the purpose. That's what everyone says. Flailing your arms, swaying with this group and that, trying so hard to find that individuality. The strong leader, the damsel in distress, the stoic introverted girl, the quirky extrovert etc., Each time, experimenting one 

extreme over the other, trying hard to "fit in"...Trying so hard, that you forget where you started and where you've ended up. 

A Hodgepodge

A big hodgepodge
Source : www.ilikewallpaper.net
No one can ever put themselves in a particular category...
Sometimes it's the stoic girl or the creative sensitive writer and so on. Layers upon layers. Complex, interwoven webs. A Grey area.

A hodgepodge.

People  are constantly judging you every step of the way..No matter what you do to be appealing..they always find fault. That's why everyone wants to go unnoticed. Well, the obvious secret is even those people too are careful of what they do and say because they have people judging them too. It's an endless chain.

Stop trying, to be noticed or to be invisible...To control yourself when you enjoy a particular song but shove it away, saying that "this is not how I am or it's 'uncool'"....How do you know? No one can fully understand his/her character and deep inside each and every single person is odd, weird and different in their own way. That's what life is for..to create and discover new things bout yourself and be your own muse.

So, be your own hodgepodge and be proud of it! Let go, forget about the idea of "this" is how you're supposed to be.. just dance to your own rhythm..be it a ballet, salsa or fusion or just make up your own beat. You'd be surprised at how light and wonderful you feel.

Because Afterall...
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